Top 5 Software Providers for Live Blackjack | Muda88 Reliable Online Casino Malaysia

Top 5 Software Providers for Live Blackjack | Muda88 Reliable Online Casino Malaysia

Top 5 Software Providers for Live Blackjack

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Live blackjack is a card game where players aim to get cards with a combined value of 21 or almost. If your hand exceeds 21, you break. The table is escorted by a live trader. Casinos strive to have the best live blackjack games in their collection of games. Here are the high-standard builders who make games for live casinos.


Playtech is the world’s largest and most well-known provider of online gaming software. The company started making games around 1999 and was listed on the London Stock Exchange. Some of the live blackjack games created by this company include Majority Rules Speed Blackjack and Quantum Blackjack. The most popular variant is the Blackjack Switch, with a house advantage of 0.14%. In addition, they have a live dealer version of blackjack with a house advantage of 0.5%.


It is a Swedish software developer founded in 1996 and is now among the largest software providers in the industry. NetEnt offers blackjack fans some games to enjoy. You can search for titles in online casinos. The design of the layout feels natural and very clear without click errors. Options meet basic requirements for live games, such as adjustable launchers for speed, clear audio and sharp video.

The software has some doubts, though. First, the full-screen version does not always adjust on modern browsers, and there are some language issues. Despite two limitations, this gameplay from the developer is ideal for players looking for a simple and user-friendly interface to play their favorite blackjack title.


Microgaming was one of the earliest software providers for casino games. They have been in operation since 1994 and have set a high level. Only a few existing builders come close to the live games created by this company. Nearly 20 games are available to blackjack players.

When you take into account their various variations for each game, you have 40 variations of blackjack. The game is opened in mobile mode. Alternatively, you can choose to download and install some headers.

Real Time Games

RTG is a premium software platform that offers real money blackjack games. Many players love live games from these providers for some reason. First, the game is fast and smooth. Second, they come with great bonuses and innovative features. This includes a friendly face and both one-handed and multiple-handed options.

Finally, the game from RTG comes with a promotional offer for new players. The builder has over 200 game titles and interesting blackjack variants like 21 Blackjack. Some games support the play mode of impact check, while others can be downloaded for online games.

The Game of Evolution

Evolution is a respected contributor to live casino games around the world. The company offers a variety of premium live casino games, including blackjack. The list of Evolution blackjack games is extensive. In addition to standard seven-seater live blackjack, players also get titles like pace blackjack.

Infinite Evolution Blackjack describes low betting limits and unlimited table seating. They also offer Free Bet Blackjack, which consists of four option side bets, and Power Blackjack, where the big win is yours to take. Whether someone wants to play for real money or for free, these providers have a wide selection of online blackjack games.


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