Paladin Healing Guide – Quickest Paladin Talent and Gear Setup

Paladin Healing Guide – Quickest Paladin Talent and Gear Setup


Beginning out as a Paladin Healer, it is good to know what you are able to. First off, almost all of your therapeutic spells particularly within the earlier ranges require a casting time and heal immediately as an alternative of a heal over time like what Druids specialise in. That being mentioned, the Paladin could be very mana environment friendly in case you and your group is aware of what they’re doing. I say group just because as some other paladin therapeutic information will clarify, healers do not carry out until in a gaggle. In different phrases, in case you intend to be a Paladin Healer, you’ll both be therapeutic in a 5-man dungeon, a raid, or participant versus participant setting.

The primary impediment you’ll face as a Paladin Healer will probably be your expertise selections. Most Healadins now are utilizing a 51/20/zero spec the place they decide up “Divine Sacrifice” from the Safety tree to scale back harm taken by your self in addition to your staff. After all with each paladin therapeutic information you learn there will probably be a number of variations the place some will decide up “Aura Mastery” to spice up their resistance auras.

The second impediment encountered by any class and position will all the time be deciding what gear to equip. As soon as you have settled on what your spec will probably be, it is time to try your gear. Precedence sensible, you may need Plate gear with Spell Energy and Mind on it. Nevertheless, it is also high quality to make use of Mail and even Material gear with those self same stats (You sacrifice armor this manner). For gems in your gear, most end-game raiding Healadins skip socket bonuses and go straight up Mind through the use of “Sensible King’s Amber” in each slot. An exception to this rule is the “Nightmare Tear” which you will have to match “Insightful Earthsiege Diamond” as your metagem. An throughout greatest slot on your libram will probably be “Libram of Renewal”.


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