Jewelcrafting Daily – Complete Guidelines to Every Quest

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To unlock the jewelcrafting day by day you will need to first full the hunt End the Cargo from Timothy Jones in Dalaran. On this article I describe the closest mobs to kill for every quest in addition to the decrease stage alternate options for many who aren’t stage 80 but. This has been useful to me because it solely takes round 10 minutes per day to finish.

Cargo: Blood Jade Amulet

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Combines a Vrykul Amulet, a Darkish Jade and a Bloodstone to provide a Blood Jade Amulet handy in to Timothy Jones. Vrykul Amulet drops from any Vrykul in Northrend. Closest Vrykuls are those in Icecrown nevertheless you will discover stage 70-71 mobs in Howling Fjord.

Cargo: Elemental Armor Scrap

Combines an Elemental Armor Scrap, a Bloodstone and a Enormous Citrine to provide a Shiny Armor Relic handy in to Timothy Jones. You’ll discover Elemental Armor Scrap from any revenant in Northrend. There are Ice Revenants south west of Naxxramas (Dragonblight) hanging out round a frozen lake.

Cargo: Glowing Ivory Figurine

Combines Shoveltusk Ivory, a Chalcedony and a Shadow Crystal to provide Glowing Ivory Figurine handy in to Timothy Jones. Shoveltusk Ivory could be discovered from any Shoveltusk in Northrend. All the way in which in Howling Fjord close to Nifflevar and New Agamand.

Cargo: Intricate Bone Figurine

Combines a Proto Dragon Bone, a Solar Crystal and a Darkish Jade to provide Intricate Bone Figurine to be returned to Timothy Jones. Proto Dragon Bone could be discovered from any Proto Drake in Northrend. You’ll discover them in Storm Peaks near Niffelem however there are decrease stage ones within the Ember Clutch in Howling Fjord as effectively.

Cargo: Shifting Solar Curio

Combines a Scourge Curio, a Solar Crystal and a Shadow Crystal to provide Shifting Solar Curio for Timothy Jones. You may have the option discover Scourge Curio from any Scourge mob in Northrend. Loads of them in Icecrown. Throw a rock and hit three with the identical rock.

Cargo: Depraved Solar Brooch

Combines an Iron Dwarf Brooch, a Enormous Citrine and a Solar Crystal to provide a Depraved Solar Brooch for Timoth Jones. Iron Dwarf Brooch drops from any Iron Dwarf in Northrend. Within the mountains west of Storm Peaks there are decrease stage ones in Howling Fjord as effectively.

These whole as much as 6 forms of Jewelcrafting Every day that can be out there to you as soon as your server resets. Though lots of journey time it is price it when you’re pining to choose up one other recipe or simply seeking to promote the Dragonseye you should buy utilizing Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token.