Deposit Withdraw Anytime on AFBCASH Online Casino Malaysia

Deposit Withdraw Anytime on AFBCASH Online Casino Malaysia

Request deposit – withdraw quickly and conveniently within 5 minutes in AFBCASH Online Casino Malaysia.
You can notify deposit – withdraw 24 hours.

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1. ADD ID LINE to notify withdrawal of money

– Members can withdraw money via Live Chat of AFBCASH Online Casino Malaysia
– The account which want to withdraw must be the same account as applied account.

Call Center 24 hours

2. Notify USER Casino or Sport Wanting to withdraw money Inform the amount of money, bank name, account number that receives money
3. Wait to receive cash

Notification of deposit

– Members can transfer to the bank account of the website to Deposit 24 hours a day
– After members Already transferred money You can deposit money via the Live Chat.
– Inform your Username. Member, such as Username: abc888 in AFBCASH Online Casino Malaysia, time to notify the transfer amount.
– Notify the bank deposited. – Inform your member’s name.
– Tell the website you want to add credit.
– Transaction has been completed will be informed to members. The officer will process the credit addition within 10-15 minutes.

Live Chat 24 hours in AFBCASH

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