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How to Win Money on Free Play Online Poker

How to Win Money on Free Play Online Poker

How to Win Money on Free Play Online Poker

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It seems like every time I watch a poker competition on television there are twenty free Online Poker Malaysia ads. Of course playing poker for free can be fun, but playing for free with the chance to win real money is better. What many people do not know is that most poker sites have special tournaments where you can win real money without saving money. Therefore, I decided to write an article on how to win free money in online poker.

Don’t be fooled by all the ads for sign-up bonuses and commensurate deposit bonuses. While this is the best way to earn extra money to play poker games, everything requires you to make a deposit. What you learn here is how to sign up for a poker room for free and have the opportunity to win real money to build your cash from zero.

Tournaments where you can earn money without paying an entrance fee are called free rolls or freerolls. Online Poker Gambling Rooms run free rolls on a regular schedule. Each poker room has their own free roll competition schedule that you can find in the lobby, usually listed with other tournaments. Some have special free rolls for new members while others have the same free roll schedule week after week. The best way to find out about the upcoming free rolls is to check the poker room website periodically.

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Free Money Winning Tips on Online Poker

Most of these free roll online poker tournaments have a set or limited number of entries. To make sure you get as many spots as possible, make sure you know the upcoming free roll competition schedule and what you need to do to get a seat. Some free rolls only require you to register at certain times such as regular tournaments with an entrance fee while others require you to follow established procedures. If the roll is free with a limited number of seats and a set time when everyone signs up, make sure you are on your computer and get into the poker site at least a few minutes in advance so you can register both tournaments. I’ve seen a free roll with thousands of seats in just a few seconds.

The right poker tournament strategy is a topic too deep for the limited space we have here, but there are some indicators and quick tips that can help you have a better chance of building your poker bankroll for free.

  1. You need to understand how most of your opponents will play in the early rounds. Most free-roll players plan to take chances and either go up twice early and frequently or quickly get out. They don’t want to play for hours just lasting and losing prize money. You can use this information in several different ways. For example, if you have a pocket card or king earlier, it is usually a good idea to push it all because chances are you will ask at least one person to call you with a hand mastered. It’s likely more than one other player will call. The thing to keep in mind about this is that even with good hands and pocket cards, the more other players in your hands the less your chances of winning. Another way to use this information is to stay patient in the early rounds by simply playing with your best hands while the field will quickly disappear.


2. There’s nothing wrong with planning to add a pile of your chips quickly or get out early, but that’s not the way to optimize your chances of earning money on a regular basis. If you have plenty of other free rolls to play, you probably don’t want to waste time collecting profits in the current tournament, but if so why did you put it in the first place? If your goal is to get free money playing poker online, then you should try to maximize every opportunity you might do to do so.


3. I recommend signing up at some of the biggest online poker rooms until you have a wide selection of free rolls. You can look around for poker sites that offer the most and best free reels. It’s not so important to find free rolls with the biggest gift wallets, but also look for those that offer the best return on investments. For example, a free roll with a $10,000 payout with 10,000 participants averages $1 for each participant, while one with a $5,000 payout but only 1,000 participants averages $5 per participant. A free roll of $5,000 is a better opportunity for you.


4. Always play your best. It’s easy to start playing badly because you don’t have to invest money to play. One trick I use not to start thinking this way is to consider my time as an investment. I invested my time in creating opportunities to win not only money in the current tournament but also money in the future from tournaments